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Foothills Excursion Nine: Millarville's Best-Kept Secret

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The hamlet of Millarville is nestled in a beautiful valley in the Alberta foothills, with sweeping mountain views and a cluster of well-kept homes surrounding the small business district.

On this mid-August excursion, Millarville General Store owner Tim Babey, his wife Deb and their dogs Teddy and Sunny join me to explore the community’s best-kept secret: a trail from the townsite to a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains.


We look for the trail just west of Millarville Motors across the road from Millarville General Store. Skirting the community’s athletic fields, it is easy to find the mowed trail that leads up the hill to the north.


The trail is a shaded easy uphill walk of about an hour. We stop often to admire the trees and wildflowers along the trail. The insects are busy—we may be in denial, but they know that winter is coming.


The wild raspberries and other fruits along the trail are profuse. We enjoy feasting on the ripe raspberries as we proceed up the path.


When the trail opens up onto a gravel road at the top, we are stunned by the panoramic view. Words cannot describe it, so I leave you with these images to speak for themselves.


Farmers are gathering a bumper hay crop in the foothills this year. There will be plenty of feed for their cattle and horses this winter. (There’s that word again. Right now, it is very hard to imagine winter invading this summer paradise.)


After our walk back down the hill and before I leave Millarville, I stop at the picturesque pond near the eastern entrance into the community. Again, peaceful. Again, beautiful.


Take time to reflect on these Millarville gems the next time you are in the area. You will be rewarded.

Until next time,



P.S. Tim went back a few days later to take this photo at the lookout at sunset. Gorgeous.

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