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Foothills Excursion Ten: Weather’s Good There in the Fall

It’s a photographer’s dream—brilliant vistas, clear skies, and rural scenes everywhere you turn. Yes, it’s a good time to be alive in the Alberta Foothills.

I tried to capture some of the glory recently, focusing on back roads near Priddis, about 20 kilometres northwest of Millarville General Store.


The ubiquitous bird houses in the Foothills always catch my camera’s eye. I’m collecting photos of them in all seasons.


“Barns” is the theme of my photography club’s next friendly competition, so I am on the hunt for handsome barns like this one.


This barn is only improving with age. It gets points for character.


The back roads and waterways are soothing for the soul.


This relic is visible from Highway 22 a few kilometres east of the Bragg Creek turn off. I’ve always wanted to photograph it.


Another barn! And a collection of old farm equipment that I came across north of Priddis.


We tend to look up at the changing trees, but in the Alberta Foothills, fall’s intensity is most evident in the ground cover.


This view of Priddis Creek is a few steps from the playground near the community hall in Priddis. Just look for the path down to the creek.


The sun sets early at this time of the year, so it’s time to head home. One last photo for the road.


Even the sunsets are golden here.

Until next time,


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