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Leave no trace

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It's important to be conscious about our path through the world...

Wild lands are essential to our peace of mind, our humanity, soul's ease and spiritual health... not to mention clean air and water without which none of us may live.

What Does It Mean, to Leave No Trace?

Do you think about the impact you have on the world as you move through your day?

In these times of Covid19, we are staying home much more than normal. Even with so much travel life curtailed, we can still do a lot of moving around. How many people rediscovered the glories of our Alberta Foothills this year due to the Covid19 restrictions? Isn't it nice to think that the amount of pollution we've been putting out has dropped so dramatically?

Covid19's Silver Lining

It's hard to think of it in this way, but the earth really did take a huge breath and a sigh of relief in the spring of 2020. Animals took the streets back as they had not done in decades. Waters that had been grungy and disgusting for years ran clear and beautiful once more.

Skies were suddenly clear of airtraffic and the atmosphere around us became more healthy.

Continue with a sense of strength, community, inner joy and conviction

So now is the future. Here we are with opportunities to keep our new outdoor habits alive, to keep walking and hiking, to keep talking with our neighbours and spend less time fretting that we cannot drive an hour away to see someone else. Meanwhile, all our beloved family members that we have not been able to see for so long... sending out LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to all of you to stay warm, healthy, happy and conscious of the marks you leave in the world.

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